Universities & Colleges


We offer Market outreach services for our University/College clients.

We generate new revenue for our clients.

We search, launch and convert to sales and assist them to achieve their international revenue target and increase their student numbers; Both direct and indirect.

 We can also:

  • Help enhance student recruitment and outreach for our clients University or College
  • Help support the market entry process including, legal, listing, marketing, and brand positioning
  • Develop student recruitment networks and agency relationships and networks
  • Support and help with understanding the local competition, positioning opportunities, legal highlights and barriers to entry
  • Help decide which international market is the best and then attend fairs and conferences and selected sales trips
  • Partners & Partnering – Seek out new in-country partners for our clients
  • Establish Joint Venture Partners
  • Source Delivery Partners – joint and dual degrees
  • Search for Licensees
  • Find Product Partners
  • Establish Feeder Networks
  • Assist With Representation and Collaboration Agreements
  • Locate Third-party Agents


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