Connecting US Schools with Global Education Recruitment Agents

  • 70% – of international enrollments come via Agents at a majority of educational institutions
  • 90% – of institutions surveyed, said only 5% of their Agents send more than 3 students per year
  • 84% – of Agents reported they have lost business over the past few years  – ‘they need new, more, better providers’
  • 39.7% – was the loss in international enrollments at US boarding schools for the 2020-2021 term – they need to regain those lost students
  • 69.1% – was the decline in international enrollments at US independent schools over the past five years – they need a wider Agent base and better active Agents
  • $XXX – Building an Agent network can be among the most expensive and labor-intensive pieces of an integrated recruitment plan if not managed correctly


  • 29% – is the increase in international students using Agents to help them select an institution
  • 60% – of Agents are now seeing success in recruitment from their online marketing locally
  • 63% – of Agents indicated they were “highly optimistic” about their recruitment for the next 12 months
  • 88% – of surveyed US education institutions said that Agents are an effective channel when recruiting in new international markets
  • 73% – of surveyed US education institutions said that Agents are an effective channel when recruiting in countries where the institution already has an established presence


Network: Access to 12,000 Agents, in over 130 countries, and on 5 continents 

Location: In all primary recruiting countries and new hot spots

Purpose: Fastest and most cost-effective way of building a successful international Agent network

“We have helped institutions from across the academic spectrum to increase their international outreach resulting in higher student enrolments, more diverse international body and a solid, robust and reliable Agent network.”

(The Team at GARN, 2021)

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  • Fastest and most cost-effective way of building a successful international Agent network
  • Establishing a powerful, strong, and active Agent recruitment network for your school 
  • Immediate access to a considerable database of accredited international Agents
  • Our knowledge and networks reside in a number of healthy recruitment markets
  • Higher student volumes and a more diverse student body 
  • We take away the headache 
  • Provides quality help and support within an affordable yet bespoke package – for less than the cost of employing someone 
  • Three very focused services for you to choose from that will give you growth 
  • At the end of the contract, we will train your staff and hand over all contacts, relationships to your fully functioning Agent department, and ensure your institution is able to continue with the network of Agents we have created for you 


  • Even before you ever get to see an Agent, we will have made sure that they want to represent you because we will have articulated exactly what your offer is and your school’s Unique Points of Difference (UPD) – what makes you, you.
  • So, we ensure that all new agents have a strong understanding of your institution and your proposition before they start to market you – we train them.
  • Agents are either approved or accredited or both – many are ITAC/British Council/local Government authority/accrediting commissions/ or similarly, trained counsellors.



  • We are experienced, down-to-earth, with  in-depth knowledge of growing agent networks, admissions, and diversity in student bodies – a track record of achievement
  • We have deep knowledge and a proven track record of creating and supporting education institutions in international markets  
  • We support schools and other educational institutions in growing their international presence and partner networks for real results 
  • Please see just some of the organizations our team has been involved with