Schools & School Groups


For our Boarding and international school clients we offer Market outreach services: search, launch and conversion to sales.

We assist them in achieving their international revenue targets, increasing their student numbers.

We also help enhance student recruitment and grow their outreach to the International market.

We can also:

  • Help support the market entry process including, legal, listing, marketing, and brand positioning
  • Develop school student recruitment networks and agency relationships and network.
  • Help support with understanding the local competition, positioning opportunities, legal highlights and barriers to entry
  • Help decide which is the best International market and then attend fairs and conferences and selected sales trips
  • Partners & Partnering – Seek out new in-country partners for our clients.
  • Establish Joint Venture Partners
  • Source Delivery Partners – joint and dual degrees
  • Search for Licensees
  • Find Product Partners
  • Establish Feeder Networks
  • Assist with Representation and Collaboration Agreements
  • Locate Third-party Agent 


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