JH English Training

JH English Training

Developing English Training is a core part of our business. Now we are offering a mobile tool that puts the power in your hands.

English Language training has been a point of success for JHEI and we have solved problems and provided sustainable solutions for institutions large and small. Our top clients come to us for their ELT needs and we deliver lasting results that drive bottom-line business growth. (Click here to see a list of our clients)

ELT Response 2020

Due to the changing nature of ELT and education globally, JHEI has partnered with a well-known ELT provider to design and deliver a unique learning solution. Fully mobile and fully yours, this one-of-a-kind offering is meant to:

  •  Support and improve a current ELT program, 
  • help you build a remote ELT school,
  •  or even provide Education Agents a way to provide value and derive revenue growth from their current pipeline of students. 

Best of all, it is fully White-labeled with your brand or institution name. 

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