Our experienced expert team will help our clients to find the right educational business to invest in.

We support investors as their ‘boots on the ground’ during existing and turnkey opportunities.

We can do this by:

  • Providing project consultation, management and leadership (OPCo, PropCo) in education businesses, including K-12, Universities, English Language schools, product and services providers for the education sector
  • A full consultancy service providing the complete process
  • Assistance in creating detailed acquisition criteria
  • Negotiating
  • Working with senior staff, accountants and lawyers on the due diligence process and IM interrogation
  • Pricing/ROI
  • Achieving a successful sale and post-acquisition operational and growth support
  • Interrogation
  • Post-acquisition Human Capital
  • Partners & Partnering – Seeking new in-country partners for our clients
  • Joint Venture partners


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